• spacious, sunny living, with roomwide window to a large sunny terrace
  • modern lounge with 6 seats and 2 poufs, table, pillows, blankets, …
  • sideboard with magazines, tourist information and board games
  • flatscreen TV, DVD, digital television and digibox (digital recordings and renting of movies and tv shows), Internet
  • intercom
  • dinner table with 6 chairs with cushions


  • modern, completely equipped, built in dishwasher, refrigerator with small freezer compartment, induction cooker, combination microwave, powerful design hood, …
  • large cupboards, stocked with all kitchen tools (cutlery, glasses, plates, pans, …)
  • electrics: all comfort: coffee maker, water cooker, Nespresso, electric fruit press, toaster, …

Present on arrival: dishwasher tablet, towel, dishcloth, some oil and spices.


For every bedroom: quality beds, thick mattresses, antiallergic, pillows and comforters (made in Belgium), rolling shutters and blinds.

bedroom 1 (romantic beige)

  • double bed in ivory wrought iron with matching cabinets
  • olive wood wardrobe
  • floor in light grey laminate
  • armchair and wide pouf

bedroom 2 (calm grey)

  • grey wood double bed with matching cabinets and wardrobe
  • terrace
  • tiled floor

bedroom 3 (fresh white)

  • large bunk bed with matching wardrobe
  • small collection of children’s books and toys
  • children’s table and chairs
  • terrace
  • tiled floor


  • bath, whirlpool with built-in shower
  • built-in modern sink
  • large closets
  • large radiator/towel rack
  • hair dryer and curling iron

Present on arrival: bathmat, towels, wash cloth, shower gel, shampoo and body milk.


  • seperate toilet
  • hanging toilet
  • small sink

Present on arrival: toilet paper and toilet cleaner.


  • is located underneath the appartment
  • room for 2 cars, bikes, …
  • elevator or stairs bring you straight to the appartment


in the back

  • large sundeck 30m²
  • table, chairs, loungers
  • 2 integrated windscreens
  • evening lighting
  • holm hedge

in the front

  • every bedroom in the front connects to a small terrace, with a stone hedge